Friday, January 9, 2015

What the hell, people?

Life is full of compromises, or so were told. I guess it really depends on your concept of what the word truly means. You see, it’s like this. Every weekday morning I get up and put on my company shirt, a nice pair of jeans and a pair of company mandated steel to shoes. I actually take a shower, shave and brush my teeth first, but I assumed that would be common knowledge, so I skipped that part. Now, would this be my attire of choice? Hell no! But If I want to get a paycheck from my company, I make that compromise. I even dislike the idea of paying bills! I know, right? You  thought you were the only one, but it turns out most people don’t. But I enjoy having food and shelter. So I make the compromise. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? We live in a structured society, and this society demands that we act and perform a certain way, because if we didn’t, and everybody did their own thing, the proverbial shit would hit the fan. Structured society stifles creativity and individuality. Creativity and individuality, however, are the corner stones of a strong society. What the hell, People?  Now I’m sure your reading this and wondering what my point is. And here’s the kicker, I don’t have a point to make. I’m just rattling this shit off as I go. It seems kinda pointless, doesn’t it?

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Member

Been working diligently for a couple of months on a new CD, and it’s time we get back to a little rock and roll. So, the last couple of rehearsals we’ve been jamming, and tightening up our set list. With the addition of Jeff Little on guitar, we can finally add those crazy double guitar leads and offset rhythms that Franklin just loves to add. He always wanted me to do that funky stuff, but I’m too old and set in my ways, and Jeff is an accomplished musician that doesn’t seem to mind laying down the groove. If ya know what I mean!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh Well

I’m less inclined to worry these days, and I’m not sure why, but I’m willing to bet it has something to with my age. Now some might even call it maturity, but let’s not go that far, okay? I know it‘s hard to believe, but I used to fret over minuscule details that had no bearing on the final outcome. Hell, even if they did I couldn’t change them anyway. But at some point in my life, and I can’t say for sure when, I said screw this, I’m not gonna let it bother me anymore. And that my friends, is how I became a Zen master! Okay, maybe not a Zen master, but I’m far more comfortable in my own skin, and that’s a step in the right direction. I’m even at peace with watching some random ten year old kid on you tube playing the guitar at a level I will probably never obtain. Who am I kidding….probably……I will never obtain. Oh well, life is good, even if I’m not the worlds greatest guitarists.

Monday, September 1, 2014

No answers, Just theories

I’m at the point in life where I’m not old, but I’m sure as hell not young either. By the time I was twenty years old I was married with a baby on the way, but what should have been a wonderful time of sharing with my family turned into a nightmare when I lost my father to cancer, the family business and homestead all with in a matter of months. It was as if everything in my life that seemed stable had been turned to dust in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I’m now forty-five years old staring down the barrel of forty-six, and I have to admit, I still haven’t made since of it all, and I never will. The point is we all have loss. So, whatever your going through, believe me your not alone. Life isn’t easy, and I’m not sure it’s supposed to be. I guess the key to it all is finding something that brings you happiness, because even though this life is sometimes brutal, it is also full of beauty and wonder, and that’s the dichotomy isn’t it? If I am doing something constructive that brings me joy, and in the process I inspire you to do the same….Well, there’s nothing wrong with that is there? There was a time in my life when I thought I knew all the answers, but I realize now it was just an illusion. We have no answers just theories, and my theory is this: Do what makes you happy, and in the process you may bring some joy into someone else’s life